Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BREAKING NEWS Snowden has legal grounds to become Russian citizen – lawyer...................MORE


A desperate Donald Trump records a message on Facebook offering free inauguration ticket

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Monday, January 16, 2017

‘Meth, just let it go’: Frozen’s Elsa used to scare teens off drugs.............MORE


Military Report: Trump Announces Picks to Lead VA, Vets to be Able to Shop at Exchanges Online & MORE


Trump Announces Pick to Lead VA
More Vets Able to Shop at Exchanges Online
Sec Dev Nominee Backs Women in Combat
Opt Out Now: Website Lets Anyone See Your Home Address
Extending Your Navy Enlistment
US Agrees to Pay Billions to Marines Affected by Toxic Water
Search Over 4000 Government Jobs
Army Partners With Suze Orman
Featured Deal: Save 15% on all Purchases
How to Report Tricare on Your Tax Return
History of the Medal of Honor
Research Aims to Expand Veteran Entrepreneurship
Free and Discounted Tax Preparation for Military
VA Announces Efforts to Curb Homelessness
DoD to Process Cal Guard Cases
Eyeglasses Available at Bremerton
AAFES 'Big Game Party' Sweepstakes
Navy Offers PCS Webinars
Protect Your Identity When Buying a House
Navy Combat Art Program
VA Offers Services for Transgender Vets
Zero Out of Pocket Costs with a TRICARE Supplement
New AFN Frequency in Germany
Up to $1 Million Coverage from Only $41 a Month
National Veterans Golden Age Games
You Don't Need 20% Down with the VA Loan Benefit
Navy Realigns Learning Sites
Program Promotes Math, Science
AF Exceptional Family Member Program
American Legion Legacy Scholarship
National Veterans Arts Competition Begins
Veteran Job Fair Spotlight: Virginia
Headline Military News