Wednesday, August 31, 2016

D.C.'s terrifying private police force........MORE

Death and deception in the District: The death of Alonzo Smith was a mysterious one that left many people asking questions. His killing can be traced back to a secretive private police force -- one that's killing people in our nation's capital.Meanwhile... The DEA is restricting access to drugs that could help recovering addicts. In happier news, Floridians are increasingly supportive of solar power. And, another white cisgender man has been cast as a transwoman, part of a disappointing and enduring trend in Hollywood.
And, before you go: 1900 people have died in the Philippines...and the reason why is chilling.
The Mysterious Private Police Force That’s Killing People In The Nation’s Capital
Special police officers like the two that killed Alonzo are not quite full police officers, however they’re more than security guards. They are a private police force, empowered to make arrests and carry guns. But because they work for private contractors and not public agencies, their actions are often shrouded in mystery.
DEA Restricts Access To Drug That Could Help Recovering Addicts
The Chilling Reason Why More Than 1,900 People Have Died In The Philippines
Rodrigo Duterte has only been in office eight weeks, but his presidency has already been a bloody one for the Philippines.
Floridians Overwhelmingly Support Solar InTuesday Vote
The Problem With Casting Matt Bomer To Play A Transgender Woman
This doesn’t have to keep happening, but it doe

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