Monday, August 29, 2016

Military Report: Commissary Shoppers to Get Clearer View of Savings, New Insignia for Marine Corps Special Ops & MORE

Commissary Shoppers to Get Clearer View of Savings
New Insignia for Marine Corps Special Ops
Over 8,000 Security Cleared Jobs - Get Hired
SGLI/VGLI Enough? $50k Coverage from $2.50 a Month
Dental Savings Discount for Military
DoD 'Smart' Scholarship
Win $2,000 + iPad, Chat Live with Top Universities
AAFES Overseas School Lunch Program
Stop Saving for a 20% Down Payment
VA Provides Service Dog Benefits
Government Travel Credit Card: The Good and Bad
Save on Out-of-Pocket Costs Left Behind by TRICARE
AF Retraining Quotas
How to Transfer College Credits
AAFES Smart Car Sweepstakes
Legion Holds National Convention
Air Reserve Applications Due
Legion Job Fairs in September
AF to Reduce Additional Duties
Military Hunger and You: Poll Results
Navy Adjusts Retirement Waiver Policy
AF Individual Ready Reserve Program
Navy Selection Boards Drop Use of Photos
New Army Officer Vetting Process
Veterans Eligible for Cybersecurity Training
Peer Support for Michigan Veterans
Pvt. Murphy: Change of Quarters
Should Military Pay for Travel?
VA to Tailor Cancer Care
'Vet Air' Flies Veterans
Veterans Crisis Line
Watch Out for Foreign Agents
Website for Women Veterans
Headline Military News
Commissary Shoppers to Get Clearer View of SavingsCommissary shoppers have long suspected that they save more on groceries at some bases than at others. Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) will soon show them how right they are.  Read More
New Insignia for Marine Corps Special OpsMarines serving in two military occupational specialties are now authorized to wear the newly created breast insignia.  Read More
Over 8,000 Security Cleared Jobs - Get HiredYour experience is in demand! Search thousands of security cleared jobs.  Read More
SGLI/VGLI Enough? $50k Coverage from $2.50 a MonthIs SGLI enough? VGLI too much? Don't take a chance on your family's future.  Read More
Dental Savings Discount for MilitaryActive service members, veterans, and their family members can take 10% off any dental savings plan and get 2 months free.  Read More
DoD 'Smart' ScholarshipThe DoD's Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Scholarship for Service Program (SMART) provides an opportunity for students to receive a full scholarship and postgraduate employment.  Read More
Win $2,000 + iPad, Chat Live with Top UniversitiesJoin us on Sept 15 and learn how to make your GI Bill benefits work for you. Plus you could win an iPad or $2000 just for participating!  Read More
AAFES Overseas School Lunch ProgramThe Army & Air Force Exchange Service will implement several improvements to its overseas school lunch program this year.  Read More
Stop Saving for a 20% Down PaymentYour VA loan allows veterans to put less than 20% down. Rates are still low and qualified borrowers can pay as little as $0 down with no PMI payments.  Read More
VA Provides Service Dog BenefitsThe VA has announced that it is piloting a protocol to implement veterinary health benefits for mobility service dogs.  Read More
Government Travel Credit Card: The Good and BadMore service members are being issued government travel credit cards. Paycheck Chronicles provides a rundown on the good things and bad things about government travel cards.  Read More
Save on Out-of-Pocket Costs Left Behind by TRICAREDoctor and hospital bills are expensive even when you're covered by TRICARE. Help minimize or even eliminate out-of-pocket expenses.  Read More
AF Retraining QuotasThe Air Force has approved 1,688 fiscal year 2017 retraining quotas in 74 Air Force specialty codes for eligible active-duty, first-term Airmen.  Read More
How to Transfer College CreditsThe American Council on Education gives instruction on how to apply for a Joint Services Transcript (JST) and provides information on how to convert military experience into college credits.  Read More
AAFES Smart Car SweepstakesThe Army & Air Force Exchange Service is teaming up with Promotion in Motion to put one lucky military shopper in the driver's seat of a brand-new Welch's Smart car.  Read More
Legion Holds National ConventionThis year's American Legion is being held in Cincinnati, OH, August 26 - September 1.  Read More
Air Reserve Applications DueLess than 30 days remain until all RDEDB applications are due to the Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC).  Read More
Legion Job Fairs in SeptemberKeep tabs on September's job fairs and networking events for service members, veterans and military spouses.  Read More
AF to Reduce Additional DutiesAirmen need more time to focus on their core missions, which is the reason the Air Force has made the decision to reduce additional duties.  Read More
Military Hunger and You: Poll ResultsWhen it comes to military hunger, the Spousebuzz poll this summer showed us that a startling percentage has used food assistance at some point.  Read More
Navy Adjusts Retirement Waiver PolicyThe Navy has announced an update to the policy for time in grade (TIG) waiver requests for commanders and captains.  Read More
AF Individual Ready Reserve ProgramUnlike traditional Reservists, Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs) work with their active-duty supervisors to create a custom duty schedule.  Read More
Navy Selection Boards Drop Use of PhotosThe U.S. Navy has announced that officers' full-length photographs will no longer be displayed during promotion selection or administrative boards.  Read More
New Army Officer Vetting ProcessThe Army requires that officers who are selected for promotion must now be vetted for mental, physical, moral, and professional fitness.  Read More
Veterans Eligible for Cybersecurity TrainingThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Hire Our Heroes have teamed up to offer training for veterans in cybersecurity.  Read More
Peer Support for Michigan VeteransThe Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteer Veteran Program is one of a suite of programs offered through M-SPAN, The University of Michigan's Military Support Programs and Networks.  Read More
Pvt. Murphy: Change of QuartersThis week's Private Murphy comic finds our favorite private with a Catch-22 when it comes to CQ.  Read More
Should Military Pay for Travel?On this week's Questions and Benefits column, a spouse who is stationed overseas thinks that the military should pay for the family's plane ticket home.  Read More
VA to Tailor Cancer CareThe VA is partnering with the DoD and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to tailor cancer care for patients based on the genes and proteins associated with their tumors.  Read More
'Vet Air' Flies VeteransThe nonprofit organization Vet Air in Holyoke, Massachusetts provides air transportation to veterans for medical appointments or for compassionate reasons.  Read More
Veterans Crisis LineSeptember is suicide prevention month. The Veterans Crisis Line is a confidential service, so veterans who call do not even have to say who they are.  Read More
Watch Out for Foreign AgentsThe U.S. Army is reminding Soldiers to be on their guard against foreign intelligence agents.  Read More
Website for Women VeteransThe VA's newly-revamped Center for Women Veterans website now includes news stories, lists of resources events, information on research, and more.  Read More

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