Sunday, August 7, 2016

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  • This mom responded like a badass after being told that a “bikini isn’t appropriate for a mother”

    File this one under “Yasss, kween!” Kansas City, Missouri mom Lexi Sinclair was at a public swimming pool with her 4-month-old son,…
    Hello Giggles
  • The End of Social Security

    American seniors have been worried about our nation's ability to continue to pay out Social Security. Leaked reports now confirm that these fears ...
  • Trump: You people really believed me?

    In a turn of events that shocked the political world and threw the presidential race into unprecedented turmoil, Donald J. Trump announced yesterday that he is quitting the race and endorsing Hillary Clinton. Trump said the only point of his campaign was to show how stupid and gullible many Republican voters are. “I’ve been a Democrat all of my adult life,” Trump told a packed and boisterous news conference. “But I knew if I ran as a Republican and said increasingly ridiculous, idiotic, racist and sexist things that I would get a lot of votes.” But he said he had no idea he would be able to win the Republican nomination and poll 40 percent or better in a national race against Clinton. “Did people
    The Charlotte Observer q
  • Ricci Martin Dies: Entertainer & Youngest Son Of Dean Martin Was 62

    Ricci Martin, the youngest son of musical legend Dean Martin and a musician & entertainer in his own right who most recently performed in a touring tribute to his father died Wednesday in his home in Utah. His family made the news public today; no cause of death has yet been determined. Born Ricci James Martin on Sept. 20, 1953, Martin grew up in Beverly Hills surrounded by Dean Martin’s famous friends and associates, experiences he recounted in his 2002 autobiography…
  • Russian drone entered Israeli territory but IDF could not shoot down UAV

    A Russian drone is thought to have entered Israeli territory in what is considered a human error. It was initially believed that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) belonged to Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. The aircraft entered the Israeli airspace on 17 July from Syria and went as far as 4kms into Israel.
    International Business Times UK q
  • Lawyer, Disbarred For Being Too Hot!

    She was kicked out of the court room when she wore this. Wow
  • Floating 'Alien' Orb Spotted by Fisherman Off Australian Coast

    A huge, floating orb — one that looks more like an alien object than anything typically found in the ocean — left a fisherman perplexed when he came across it in the waters off the coast of Australia. Fisherman Mark Watkins spotted the ballooned carcass about 30 miles (50 kilometers) southwest of Bunbury, Australia. Marine biologist Andrew David Thaler told National Geographic in 2014 that the bloat of a dead, beached whale comes from pent up gas released as the animal's internal organs and stomach contents decompose.
  • Scientists Are Now Even More Confused By Potential "Alien Superstructure"

    Within our own galaxy, some astronomers believe there may be a massive piece of alien technology, built to harvest energy from a distant star. The star, KIC 8462852, also known as Tabby's Star, exhibits strange behavior, flickering and dimming, that can't be explained by any known astronomical phenomena. A new, unpublished study posted to arXiv, reports the results of studying images of the star from the Kepler Telescope over the past four years. The paper shows shocking results: the star's luminosity varied, sometimes dipping by 20% over the course of the study period. Even more perplexingly, its total luminosity, or flux, diminished by 4% overall over that time. "The part that really surprised
    Popular Mechanics q
  • Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri 'executed'

    An Iranian nuclear scientist detained since 2010 has been executed, his family has told the BBC. Shahram Amiri's mother said the body of her son had been returned to their hometown with rope marks around his neck, showing that he had been hanged. He was later buried. Amiri had been held at a secret location after returning from the US, where he said he had been forcibly taken by the CIA. Some reports say he had in-depth knowledge of Iran's nuclear programme. Mr Amiri, who was born in 1977, went missing after taking a pilgrimage to Mecca in 2009. He surfaced in the US a year later saying he had been kidnapped and put under "intense psychological pressure to reveal sensitive information" by the
    BBC News q
  • The 100 Most Embarrassing Photos on the Internet

    A long time ago, in an offline galaxy far, far away, you could shrug off embarrassing moments and pretend they didn’t happen.
  • Why Trump Could Be a Problem for Republicans Long After He’s Gone

    Recent polls have shown that with Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, the Republican Party is finding itself in trouble in some pretty unexpected places this election cycle. The idea that Georgia, for instance, would be in play in November, would have been laughed off a year ago, but in a poll released today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found Hillary Clinton leading Trump there by four points in a head-to-head contest and by three when candidates from the Libertarian and Green parties were added to the mix. Digging further into recent nationwide survey data suggests that the presence of Trump on the ticket in 2016 could have follow-on effects that will dog the GOP for a generation.
    The Fiscal Times

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