Thursday, August 18, 2016

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  • Why Are Rotisserie Chickens Cheaper Than Raw Chicken?

    Time to change your grocery shopping game.​
  • #1 Reason Banks Don't Recommend Reverse Mortgages

    Still unknown to many, this brilliant retirement method helps senior citizens by eliminating their monthly mortgage payments and more.
  • This Famous Airline Is Changing Its Baggage Policy And No One Can Believe It

    I'm worried. Lately, every time an airline institutes a new policy of some sort, I feel my top lip twitching against my teeth and my neck stiffening like that of a guy girding for a bar fight. I confess, though, that news of a new airline policy escapade has rendered me temporarily insensate. I've spent several hours since learning of this news in a gradual attempt to calm what remains of my emotions. For this is the tale of a famous airline that's decided to actually give passengers something. As the South China Morning Post reports, Cathay Pacific is increasing its baggage allowance for economy customers. I'll pause for you to reconnect with your bearings. Ready now? From September 15, the
    Inc Magazine q
  • Trump staffer shut down in extremely awkward CNN interview

    It has not been a good few weeks for the Trump campaign.  News broke that the campaign was undergoing a large restructuring on Wednesday, in which Trump added Stephen Bannon from Breitbart as the chief executive and Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager in place of Paul Manafort. The campaign then went into damage control, reassuring the media that everything was totally fine and this sort of action was completely normal.  Executive vice president of the Trump organization and special council to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, appeared on CNN on Wednesday afternoon and attempted to defend the campaign when the subject of its slipping poll numbers came up.  The following moment may be one of the most awkward TV moments in Trump's entire campaign.   SEE ALSO: Trump’s cozy relationship with Breitbart gets even cozier with big hire "Let me ask you about this, you say it is not a shake-up but you're down," CNN's Brianna Keilar tells Cohen.  "Says who?" a perplexed Cohen responds.   "The polls, most of them, all of them?" Keilar hits back.   "Says who?" says Cohen, unable to think of a more appropriate response. "Polls. I just told you, I answered your question," says Keilar, who can't believe she has to explain this.  "Okay, which polls?" Cohen asks.   "All of them," Keilar says, breaking the news to Cohen.    Cohen then accepts defeat and lets Keilar continue her questioning. Maybe this was the moment he finally realized the Trump campaign has hit a rough patch.  Earlier in the day, during an interview with Ben Shapiro, a former Breitbart staffer who left following the controversy over the alleged physical confrontation between reporter Michelle Fields and former Trump staffer Corey Lewandowski, Keilar was also introduced to the phrase, "turd tornado." But "a Sharknado except with poop" had faded by the time Keilar and Cohen faced off. Obviously the internet was quick to point out that "Says Who" is now a fabulous new meme. 
  • Police departments are furious at Walmart for a policy that has made it a dangerous place to shop

    More than 200 violent crimes have been committed so far this year at Walmart locations across the...
    Business Insider
  • Drivers Born Between 1936 And 1966 Must Read This

    United States drivers are surprised they never knew this. If you drive less than 50 miles per day, you better read this...
  • Cop Shatters Window to Rescue Baby From Hot Car, Later Discovers It Was a Doll: 'It Was Absolutely Convincing'

    "Its eyes were closed, looked puffy and the skin was kind of hot and dry, like someone with heatstroke might have," a cop said.
    Inside Edition
  • Exclusive: Kylie Jenner Takes Her Friends On a Very Photogenic Birthday Trip to Turks and Caicos

    Kylie Jenner concluded her seemingly endless 19th birthday celebration last week with a trip to the islands of Turks and Caicos with her closest group of friends, including Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Justine Skye, boyfriend Tyga as well as her sister Kendall Jenner. Tagging along was her friend, the young New York photographer Renell Medrano, a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design who was there to capture it all as Jenner and her crew frolicked and fraternized, all the way from the private plane she chartered to the $50-million luxury Airbnb property she rented. Here, see the Jenners and Co. in all their glory.
    W Magazine q
  • Fishing guide kills grizzly bear as it charges to within feet of his clients

    A guide leading a fishing expedition into the Alaskan wilderness recently used a 9-millimeter pistol to kill a large male grizzly bear that had charged to within just a few feet of his two clients. The harrowing encounter occurred in the remote Becharof Wilderness, within Becharof National Wildlife Refuge, as Phil Shoemaker was leading a man and his wife through dense brush to a nearby stream. Shoemaker wrote about the incident last week in the NRA’s American Hunter, and included photos showing the bear carcass and one of his clients. (Warning: some might find the photos to be disturbing.) Shoemaker explained that in his 33 years as an outfitter based in the refuge, this was the first time he q
  • A Jaw-Dropping 6% Back On Groceries Has Arrived

    The highest rated cash back card just upped the ante by offering 6% cash back on groceries and a $150 bonus. This offer won't last long, though.
  • GOP looks to move funds away from Trump even with latest campaign shakeup

    The GOP, increasingly anxious over its congressional majorities, is likely to move further away Donald Trump.

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