Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another LCS, 4th in a Year, Breaks Down During Pacific Transit.........MORE

02 September 2016
Another LCS, 4th in a Year, Breaks Down During Pacific TransitThe littoral combat ship USS Coronado is returning to Pearl Harbor after experiencing an engineering issue.Read More
Latest Military News
Obama Sets Troop Pay Raise at 1.6 Percent in 2017
Air Force Says Retired 4-Star General under Investigation
Report: Former Brigade Commander Led Double Life of Adultery, Swinging
Investigators to Army: Consider Canceling Troubled Airburst Weapon
Clinton Invokes Role Advising Bin Laden Raid in Speech to Veterans
Trump Promises to Fix a VA in 'Very Sad Shape'
VA Secretary Warns More Vets May Get Stuck Appealing Claims
Negotiating Job Salary: What Are You Worth?
Over 30,000 Government Jobs Listed on
10 Tips for Better Results from Job Fairs
Credit Requirements for VA Loans Explained
Making Sense of Your VA Loan Entitlement
Navy Faces 'New Normal' in Persian Gulf: More Iran Provocations
Air Force Seeks Medal of Honor for Sergeant Who Died in 2002
Commentary: Losing Sense of Self One Suicide at a Time
Kaepernick Meets With Vet, Kneels During Anthem
Six Weapons the Military Should Un-Retire
Vet's Suicide in VA Hospital Parking Lot Brings New Scrutiny to Agency
Obama Says He Supports Veterans' Health Care Recommendations
Medal of Honor Recipient Serenaded on 92nd Birthday
Past Deadline, Feds See No End in Sight for Veteran Homeless Crisis
Air Force Looks Back on Six Decades of KC-135s
Drone Piloting Now Open to Enlisted Airmen from All Career Fields
Four Air Force Pilots on Restricted Duty after Low Pass Over Stadium
VA Warns Students ITT May Go 'Out of Business'

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