Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stars and Stripes Daily Headlines

New law allows injured veterans to recoup erroneous severance taxes
Thousands of veterans injured in combat could soon be able to recoup taxes erroneously collected from their disability severance pay due to a new law signed by President Barack Obama.

US troops don gas masks in WMD exercise near N. Korea border
The U.S. soldiers donned gas masks as they cleared building after building after receiving intelligence that North Korean scientists were cooking up chemical weapons in the vicinity.

McCain blasts Navy warships in report on Pentagon waste 
The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee is blasting the Navy's expensive new warships that have been plagued by engine problems and have yet to demonstrate key warfighting functions.

Report: Marine Corps withheld suicide investigation results 
The results of an investigation into the suicide of a Marine that suggested his unit might have a "drug problem" and highlighted a hostile work environment were withheld from the Marine's family for an "unacceptably long time" spanning months, according to documents and letters obtained by The Washington Post.

Truck rams German Christmas market, killing at least 9 
A truck rammed into a crowded Christmas market in central Berlinon Monday evening, killing at least nine people and injuring around 50 as it tore through tables and wooden stands. Police said a suspect believed to be the driver was arrested nearby and a passenger died as paramedics were treating him.

Evoking Syria, policeman kills Russian ambassador to Turkey 
A Turkish policeman fatally shot Russia's ambassador to Turkey on Monday in front of a shocked audience at a photo exhibit and then, pacing near the body of his victim, appeared to condemn Russia's military role in Syria, shouting: "Don't forget Aleppo! Don't forget Syria!"

Trump taps billionaire West Point grad for Army secretary
Billionaire New York businessman and Army veteran Vincent Viola is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to serve as the Army’s top civilian, Trump’s transition team announced Monday.

Versatile F-4 Phantoms making 'final flight' for US military 
The last of thousands of F-4 Phantom jets that have been a workhorse for the U.S. military over five decades are being put to pasture to serve as ground targets for strikes by newer aircraft. But first some well-earned honors.

'Tragedy' inside Mosul as food runs out, the battle against Islamic State drags on
Hundreds of thousands of people who remain in this northern Iraqi city are struggling to find food and safe drinking water as the protracted offensive against Islamic State militants batters their neighborhoods.

Rescued North Korean fishermen return home
Eight North Korean fishermen have been repatriated a week after they were found adrift at sea and rescued by maritime police in South Korea.


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