Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stars and Stripes Daily Headlines

'Hooyah!': Sailors react to Navy's decision on ratings system
The Navy reversed course on its decision to scrap job-oriented enlisted titles, giving an unexpected Christmas gift to tens of thousands of sailors angered by the move to scuttle a centuries-old tradition.

After delays, Army ready to roll out combat arms fitness test
The Occupational Physical Assessment Test will be administered to new recruits and soldiers interested in physically demanding specialties. Officials have pointed to a loss of troops who are fit enough for combat as a concern that drove development of the test.

Turkey links Russian envoy's killer to US-based cleric Gulen
Turkey's president on Wednesday implicated a U.S.-based Muslim cleric in the killing of Russia's envoy to Turkey, saying the policeman who carried out the attack was a member of his "terror organization."

Germany had monitored Berlin truck attack suspect for months 
German officials had deemed the Tunisian man being sought in a manhunt across Europe a threat long before a truck plowed into a Christmas market in Berlin - and even kept him under covert surveillance for six months this year before halting the operation.

2nd Infantry Division gears up for centennial with living insignia
The 2nd Infantry Division formed and photographed a living insignia featuring its storied Indianhead patch Wednesday in the run-up to its 2017 centennial celebrations.

Doubling-up helps siblings at Afghan base mark the holidays
At NATO’s regional headquarters in eastern Afghanistan, “Merry Christmas” is written in garland on an outside wall and a fake pine tree with lights stands in the corner of the dining facility. Another hallmark of the holidays can also be found here: families.

Maine missile silo gets plenty of media attention, but no buyers
Dave and Sue Prentiss were ready for some attention when the story of their former missile silo being on the market broke last year. They just thought it would come from interested buyers. Instead, the Limestone couple found themselves responding to interview requests from print and broadcast media outlets from around the country.

Afghans who aided US military face long, fearful visa wait
Scores of combat veterans have been lobbying to get their Afghan translators visas to the United States because they face death threats in Afghanistan for helping American troops.


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