Friday, December 23, 2016

Stars and Stripes Daily Headlines

California Guard scandal revealed lack of oversight in multibillion-dollar program
The recent investigation into massive fraud involving California National Guard bonuses revealed a lack of oversight in how the incentives were spent in California and elsewhere. During the height of the wars, some Army National Guard state bureaus were paying incentives without confirming whether soldiers were eligible, according to Army audits.

Christian militia stands guard in freed town outside Mosul, Iraq
By day, the Assyrian men patrol the edges of this largely empty town outside Mosul, known as the capital of Iraq’s Christian community before thousands of its residents were forced to flee advancing Islamic State fighters more than two years ago.

VA: Nurse practitioners nationwide no longer need physician supervision
To address staffing shortages across the country, the Department of Veterans Affairs will allow thousands of advanced practice nurses nationwide to treat patients without physician supervision.

Nurse anesthetists fight for more autonomy at VA hospitals
A new rule allowing advanced practice nurses to work without doctor supervision at Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals drew praise from a host of groups representing health care providers — with the exception of one.

Report: Islamic State militants targeting Mosul residents
A coalition aircraft swooped over the Mosul neighborhood, and Qusai and his family made their move. “When we saw the plane was in the sky and ISIS shooting at it, we knew it was time to go,” he said, using an acronym for the Islamic State group. The militants would not be paying attention to his escaping family, said the father of three, including a newborn.

US warns of possible attacks on churches, holiday gatherings 
Federal authorities warned local law enforcement authorities across the nation Friday that Islamic State sympathizers are continuing to call for attacks on churches and other holiday gathering sites.

Berlin truck attack suspect killed in Milan police shootout
A routine request for ID papers outside a deserted train station in Milan at 3 a.m. Friday led to a police shootout that killed the Tunisian fugitive wanted in the deadly Christmas market attack in Berlin.

French cops accidentally stow away on USS Eisenhower
Three Marseille police officers, who were working security for the aircraft carrier, found themselves stuck on the moving vesselTuesday after stepping aboard for a last-minute tour.

US, Afghan forces push back Islamic State, al-Qaida
A year ago, U.S. commanders estimated the strength of the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan at between 1,500 and 3,000 members, Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland said.

Costs kill big vet gains; Reserve retirees win vet status
From the perspective of major veteran service organizations, the roadblock to critical reforms of benefits and services are budget controls that the veteran committees must operate under.

Christmas in N. Korea: Lights and trees, but void of Jesus 
If Santa Claus stops in North Korea this year, he'll find some trees and lights and might even hear a Christmas song or two. But he won't encounter even a hint of what Christmas actually means — not under a regime that sees foreign religion a very real threat.


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