Friday, December 30, 2016

Stars and Stripes Daily Headlines

US soldiers build bonds with Iraqis near Mosul front
A group of U.S. soldiers is providing more than support for Iraqi troops fighting to retake Mosul. They’re living and working closely with the Iraqis, building bonds that strengthen their joint mission.

To heal divides, a Marine Corps veteran will retrace Washington’s Princeton march
Marine veteran Thomas O’Neil III turned to history to find comfort in ancestral ties to the American Revolution and confirmed a family legend: A distant relative in the Continental Army helped guide Gen. George Washington in a pivotal battle in 1777.

AFRICOM: Boko Haram weakened in 2016 but still a threat
Boko Haram is splintered, weaker and less organized than it was a year ago, but the Nigerian terrorist group remains a threat to the region, according to U.S. Africa Command.

Aircraft carrier group returns home from the Middle East 
The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower arrived Friday in Norfolk to cheers from hundreds of spouses and children clutching balloons and flowers and waving signs. More than 6,000 sailors spent seven months away.

Trump inaugural parade to spotlight military and police units
The inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump will include a parade composed of 8,000 marchers from 40 organizations including the military, veterans groups and law enforcement, as well as the Boy Scouts of America.

US gives detailed look at Russia's alleged election hacking
The U.S. has released its most detailed report yet on accusations that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election by hacking American political sites and email accounts.

The legacy of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus: Change – and mixed feelings about it
When Navy Secretary Ray Mabus vacates his job Jan. 20 as President-elect Donald Trump takes office, he can add another line to his resume: survivor. The soft-spoken, silver-haired Mississippian is one of just a few senior civilian officials in national security to have stayed in government throughout President Obama's eight years in office

Eisenhower strike group wraps up 7-month deployment
More than 6,000 sailors from the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group return Friday morning from a seven-month deployment to the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea. The carrier's air wing completed 1,900 combat sorties and dropped 1,200 bombs against the Islamic State group.

Judge orders Obama administration to turn over top-secret torture report
With just weeks until Republicans take control of Congress and the White House, a federal judge has ordered the Obama administration to deliver to his court’s top secret storage site a copy of the so-called Senate Torture Report on the CIA’s Black Site prison program.

Some in Mosul wary of return of Iraq's government
Almost all those fleeing Mosul say they are relieved to see the end of the Sunni extremists' grip. But they also have bad memories of Baghdad's rule in the past.


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