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My column on November 24, 2016. I was out of the state and couldn't send it out over this system:

This is Kelleigh Nelson's new column today. Outstanding. Conservatives in this country really need to get educated on organizations like the Heritage Foundation.

Just FYI

The 20 Worst Consumer Rated Dog Foods of 2016

A note from my personal experience. In January 2013, I adopted my third doggie. A girl I named Maddy.

I already had two muggers, both female. Missy & Muffin; I need to update the link above. I had to put Miss Muffin to sleep on May 13, 2016. She had massive kidney failure and couldn't be saved. Yes, I'm still crying over my beautiful girl.

Anyway, about a year after I adopted Maddy she started having bouts of the runs. Geez, it was a mess. Now, all three of my girls were on organic dry food; the best on the market as far as I could research. Atlantic salmon and veggies. But, for some reason Maddy seemed to develop an allergy. After three times to the vet I decided I needed to change her food.

60% of vet visits are from gut problems. Just like people, dogs have digestion problems. What I needed was a dog food for her problem. After much research I found a company called Royal Canin.

You must have a prescription from your vet to order from them. They ship quick so you're not sitting around worried about running out of food.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hypoallergenic Selected Protein Adult PV Dry Dog Food is the one I chose. Venison and potato and nothing else. Venison is the most tolerated 'meat' by dogs. Well, it's been 2 1/2 years and not a single incident of Maddy's poopy problem. Missy loves it, too.

If your dog or cat has digestive problems you might consider talking to your vet about changing food - especially if it comes from Communist China.

Although I haven't tried it, there's also a product out there called Dinovite. It's a supplement for your pet's food. A friend of mine has been using it on her dog and cat for some time and says it's fabulous:

A couple of sources:

The Truth About Pet Food - keeps you updated on recalls and other important information

Dog Food Advisor

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