Friday, December 23, 2016

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Syrian War Report - December 22, 2016: Turkish Forces Storming Al-Bab, Suffer Heavy Casualties

In the morning on December 21, intense clashes between ISIS and Turkey-led forces resumed in the area of al-Bab. Pro-Turkey militant groups and the Turkish army, supported by the Turkish Air Force, attacked the town hospital and seized the Aqeel Mountain area and set a control over the Aleppo-al-Bab road. 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and 11 more wounded these clashes, according to the Turkish military.
Our conception of God isn't big enough
Kevin Barrett - Veterans Today - 20 minutes ago
Iran opposition group says Tehran responsible for fall of Aleppo
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - 41 minutes ago
When the Lying Starts
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - Veterans Today - 57 minutes ago
3 steps to better manage personal finances and boost career satisfaction
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Money - 2 hours ago
Campus mental health services are helping veterans succeed in college
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - 3 hours ago
Anderson County veterans group expresses need for more community support
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - 3 hours ago
Trump Hosts Candidates for Key Veterans Affairs Post
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Jobs - 3 hours ago
Russian Envoy Assassination: Questions Must Be Answered
South Front - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
Trump, Russia and Israel, a Fake Detente and Real Terrorism
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
Poland Given Yet Another Warning by EU Over Constitution Standoff
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - Veterans Today - 8 hours ago
jobs for veterans
Bipartisan War - A new study urges more U.S. interventions
Philip Giraldi - Veterans News Now - 9 hours ago
NATO Ramps Up Ukraine War After Defeat in Syria
Finian Cunningham - Veterans News Now - 11 hours ago
The Real Saboteurs of a Trump Foreign Policy
VNN - Veterans News Now - 14 hours ago
Chilling Speech by Syrian Ambassador to UN
VNN - Veterans News Now - 17 hours ago
Ambassador Andrew Ivy Killgore (1919-2016)
Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor - Veterans Today - 17 hours ago
Rodrigo Duterte to NWO agents and Satanists: You all "can go to hell"
Jonas E. Alexis - Veterans Today - 17 hours ago
Christmas memo to PM Theresa May: Stop worshipping Israel. Learn the ugly truth.
Stuart Littlewood - Veterans Today - 18 hours ago
Family finances: Break the cycle of recurring fees
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Money - 24 hours ago
Daemen Receives National Grant for Student Veteran Services
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Jobs - yesterday
New Veterans Crisis Line expansion nearly doubles suicide prevention staff
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - yesterday

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