Sunday, December 25, 2016

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Russia and UN Condemn Trump on Israel and it won't go away

US Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes has told the whining Israeli prime minister that only he is responsible for Washington's decision to allow the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that condemned Israel for illegal settlement construction in occupied Palestinian territories.
VTN Thanks It's Readers While Reviewing 2016 and Updates for 2017
Corporate Editor - Veterans Today Network - -26593 seconds ago
What will be the future military policy of the Trump administration in the Far East?
GPD - Veterans Today - an hour ago
NATO 'Might Not Survive a Donald Trump Presidency'
GPD - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
Video and Full Text of Putin's Annual News Conference
GPD - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
Drone Video East Aleppo
GPD - Veterans Today - 5 hours ago
Trump Says He Wants a Nuclear Arms Race
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - 13 hours ago
Mainstream Media Confirm Dalai Lama is A CIA Asset
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - 13 hours ago
Syria's Idlib can become next Aleppo, UN official warns
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - 14 hours ago
Breaking: UNSC passes resolution to end Israeli settlements
Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor - Veterans Today - 16 hours ago
The Khazarian Mafia and their marionettes want to rule the world
Jonas E. Alexis - Veterans Today - 17 hours ago
jobs for veterans
Investment Consultant Steven Hunt Joins Veterans Today Network
Yanira Farray - Veterans Today Network - 18 hours ago
TCK RADIO: Gavin McInnes "Leftist Liberal Lunacy & Catholic Sabotage"
Eric Gajewski - Veterans Today Live - 20 hours ago
What 2017 May Mean for Your Personal Finances
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Money - 24 hours ago
Brockton student and classmates are making change for veterans
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - 24 hours ago
In A Small Town, Veterans Provide A Big Service To Their Peers
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - 24 hours ago
Troops, veterans and military families can track down a college scholarship with this new search tool
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Jobs - 24 hours ago
CrossTalk: Sabotaging Trump?
VNN - Veterans News Now - yesterday
3 steps to better manage personal finances and boost career satisfaction
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Money - 2 days ago
Campus mental health services are helping veterans succeed in college
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - 2 days ago
Anderson County veterans group expresses need for more community support
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - 2 days ago

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