Monday, January 16, 2017

Add your name: Stop Trump from undermining the Paris Climate Agreement

Friend, a majority of Americans, and a diverse range of businesses, investors, faith communities, doctors, and trade unions support the Paris Climate Agreement. In his 100-day action plan on energy, President-elect Trump has said he will “cancel the Paris Climate Agreement.”

Don’t let Trump undermine the Paris Climate Agreement. Sign the petition now to remind Congress the importance of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Paris Climate Agreement has already taken effect, and withdrawal would require a lengthy process. “Canceling” U.S. involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement would be in direct conflict with the will of the American people and would be bad for business, bad for public health, and bad for the economy.

Will you stand with the League of Conservation Voters and tell Congress that President-elect Trump's victory does not change the fact no country, no person, and no business is immune to climate change, and all must be part of the solution?

Keep fighting,

Kimm Lett, Daily Kos

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