Thursday, January 26, 2017

Corrected information - contact White House

I just got off the phone with the White House switchboard: 202-456-1414

The number I provided yesterday for a fax regarding Trump's supreme court probably nominee is no longer available.

The young lady told me there probably will not be a fax number for the public because it's an outdated mode of technology.

Really? As I wrote yesterday, it's easy to ignore emails but not so easy to ignore 50,000 pieces of paper, like a fax. Perhaps that's the idea.

I ask her to verify the public comment line but was told that number also no longer works. She said the new comment line number for 'this administration has not been set up yet'. My response was with all those brains on his new staff no one could figure out how to set up a comment line?

I ask her how does someone leave a comment since there's no time on a particular issue to send a snail mail letter that takes weeks because all mail is bombarded to safeguard against things like anthrax. Can I leave a comment with her? No.

She referred me to the WH's web site under Contact the WH which takes you to an email page:

I went ahead and filled it out anyway:

I strenuously object to Neil Gorsuch as a supreme court justice nominee. He is not pro-life. I urge President Trump to nominate:

Justice Charles Canady - number one choice, or:

Judge Jennifer Elrod or Judge Edith Jones

I guess people who do the twitter thing can send Trump a message that way. I don't know since I've never sent anything using my cell phone other than to make calls.

Not real great access considering Trump keeps saying he wants to hear from we the people.

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