Thursday, January 26, 2017

Top U.S. Secret Service Agent: “I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For Trump”................MORE

“And Just Like That NAFTA May Be Over” – Mexico Cancels White House Meeting Following Trump’s “Wall Ultimatum”
Mexico now finds itself in a double bind, squeezed not only by Trump, but also by its partner Canada, which has left Mexico on its own.
LEAKED: Read The Full Draft Of Trump Executive Order Restricting Muslim Entry Into USA: Total Ban On Syrian Refugees, Biometric Tracking Systems, More…
The American public has been anticipating Trump’s next move on immigration from Islamic countries. We now know what these new restrictions will look like.
The Threat Of A CBRN Attack In Your City Is Very Real
Top U.S. Secret Service Agent Rages: “I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For Trump”
“I would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be disaster to this country…”
Gold Demand Is Surging To Levels Not Seen Since 2011 All Time Highs
A lot of money is moving back into the space.
Trump Off And Running But He Can’t Do It Alone – Six Things Americans Must Do To Make Real Change Happen
The president is off and running, but even a champion racehorse needs a jockey for direction, and the jockey in this case is an informed and active public that keep him on the right course: the one to reflect the will of the people.
How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists: “You Have To Go To Some Ugly Places In Your Own Mind”
You must be willing to ask yourself – “If I were them, how would I go about getting what I want?”

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