Sunday, January 22, 2017

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Jews and Bolshevism

The Zionist international organised crime cabal just took control of the USA by installing it's Trump puppet in the White House. Almost exactly a century earlier, they seized control of Russia under the guise of Bolshevism.
Talk Nation Radio: Dave Webb on Keeping Weapons and Nuclear Power Out of Space
David Swanson - Veterans Today Live - 17 minutes ago
Talk Nation Radio: Millions Lose Their Minds Over Russia
David Swanson - Veterans Today Live - 33 minutes ago
Talk Nation Radio: Antonia Juhasz on Tillerson, Trump, and Oil
David Swanson - Veterans Today Live - an hour ago
Trump's Kremlin connections
GPD - Veterans Today - 2 hours ago
World Rocked with Anti-Trump Protests Including 700 American Cities
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - Veterans Today - 2 hours ago
Donald J. Trump: A JFK or an LBJ?
Kevin Barrett - Veterans Today - 3 hours ago
Trump's Declaration of War - Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts - Veterans News Now - 3 hours ago
Planet X Incoming: Birth Pangs December 2016 (VIDEO)
Eric Gajewski - Veterans Today News - 3 hours ago
Breaking: US won't send delegation to Syria talks in Astana, Kazakhstan - US State Dept.
GPD - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
Inauguration Puts the World in "New Territory"
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
jobs for veterans
Trump Pentagon Guiding ISIL Through Deir Ezzur Offensive
GPD - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
It Begins: Trump Raises Mortgage Insurance Rates, Costing Home Owners $500 a Year
Gordon Duff, Senior Editor - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
Russian Tu-160M2 Bomber to Get Universal Anti-Missile Shield
GPD - Veterans Today - 5 hours ago
Will The Next Heavily Anticipated Lebanon - Israel War Begin Under Trump?
Muhammed Ali Carter - Veterans Today - 5 hours ago
'Now the journey begins!'
Debbie Menon - Veterans News Now - 9 hours ago
In Defense of Israel From The Crazies
Rahul Manchanda, Esq. - Veterans News Now - 9 hours ago
Watch President-elect Trump lay wreath at Arlington National Cemetery
VNN - Veterans News Now - 18 hours ago
TCK RADIO: Gerald Celente "America First & Optimism For 2017"
Eric Gajewski - Veterans Today Live - 24 hours ago
President Donald Trump Inauguration Speech
VNN - Veterans News Now - 24 hours ago
Five personal finance tactics to help you succeed
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Money - yesterday

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