Friday, January 6, 2017

VT Network Daily Report

NEO - Happy New Year Donbass, from Killer John McCain and Co.

Jim W. Dean - Hanoi John McCain continues to be the embarrassment he has long been, with no "coming to Jesus" moment anywhere on the horizon. If ever there was a threat to US national security it rests between this man's two ears.
"Trump Card Played: Advancing the Brotherhood of Death Agenda"
Eric Gajewski - Veterans Today Live - 3 minutes ago
BREAKING: Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting; Awaiting Trump's inane response by Tweet
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - 2 hours ago
Israel spy satellite discovers secret Russian missile cache in Syria
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - 3 hours ago
Solving and Surviving the Annoying Office Habits
Yanira Farray - Veterans Today Money - 4 hours ago
Hacked or Leaked?
Jack Speer-Williams - Veterans Today - 4 hours ago
Syrian War Report - January 6, 2017: ISIS Suffers Major Casualties Across Syria
South Front - Veterans Today - 9 hours ago
Trump to Pick Fan of Illegal Surveillance as Intelligence Czar
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - 9 hours ago
Russia Pulls Out Admiral Kuznetsov Battlegroup From Syrian Waters, Reduces Military Presence In Country
South Front - Veterans Today - 11 hours ago
How to Invest in Stocks with Little Money
Yanira Farray - Veterans Today Money - 23 hours ago
President Erdogan's Sins versus the Turkish Miracle
Sami Jamil Jadallah - Veterans Today - 23 hours ago
jobs for veterans
"Trump & Global Debt Bubble Burst"
Eric Gajewski - Veterans Today Live - yesterday
Turkey leaving NATO? Asserts 'right' to close key base for coalition
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - yesterday
Istanbul nightclub attacker probably Uighur: Turkish government
Ian Greenhalgh - Veterans Today - yesterday
A Simple Way To Help Your College-Bound Student Ace Personal Finance
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Money - yesterday
Veterans offered brewing opportunities in Tampa Bay
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - yesterday
Older Veterans Often Miss Out on Long-Term-Care Benefits of Up to $2,210 Each Month
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - yesterday
Why privatizing the VA won't do much to help veterans
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Jobs - yesterday
America or Israel? - Philip Giraldi
Philip Giraldi - Veterans News Now - 2 days ago
Donald Trump mulls 'public-private' care for vets
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today News - 2 days ago
How to make your financial New Year's resolutions stick
Arnaldo Rodgers - Veterans Today Money - 2

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