Sunday, February 5, 2017

Important subject - Don't miss my radio show, Monday, Feb. 6, 2017

I'm going to cover something that doesn't get enough coverage that affects Americans who don't take care of this important thing. Don't let this happen to you or your family.

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I know it's Super Bowl Sunday today. Sadly, the NFL has once again decided to invite another slutty pig into your living room for 'entertainment'. That would be the MOST unladylike 'Lady' GaGa,  a foul-mouthed, ignorant nitwit. If there were two sparks between her ears she'd electrocute herself. Just what your minor children need to see because while she likely won't be wearing her stripper outfits, you can bet it will be political as she has bragged about.

A shame really, because I saw her on the stupid tube last year at a hotel while traveling. It was a special with the fabulous crooner, Tony Bennett. I had never heard her sing before.

As usual she wore a dress slashed to her waist (not a pretty sight) trying to suggestively 'seduce' Tony Bennett on stage. It was cheap and vulgar, but that's what 'Lady' GaGa has been from day one.

I think he was uncomfortable, but here's the thing: When she opened her mouth to sing, oh, my gosh, what an incredible voice. I mean it; I was shocked. If you only heard her and Tony Bennett without a visual you would say, what a voice! Too bad. She didn't have to be a slutty pig with her talent to get a recording contract.

If it's not Paris Hilton or some other female gyrating sexually over a hamburger from Carl Jr.s to last year's militant in-your-face-dressed like a hooker, Beyonce (which is apparently the only way she knows how to dress), the NFL has taken a great family Sunday and turned it into half time filth and leftist politics. The NFL apparently thinks that sells well with parents watching the game with their 8, 10 year old sons and daughters. Wouldn't be mine, that's for sure.

Anyway, good luck to your team in the game. Drive careful if going out. Drunks love to kill and maim everyone else and don't forget to listen to my show tomorrow night.

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