Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My HealtheVet Update | February 15, 2017


Take a Step for Heart Health

February is Heart Month, and it is a time to take your health to heart. Each year, about 600,000 people die from heart disease. Do not be counted in this year's numbers. You have the power to reduce your risk of developing heart problems. Today, take a step for heart health. Each step you take to improve your health is a powerful action that can help your heart. Learn more.

One Day, One Hour, One Minute: Make A Difference in a Veterans’ Life

vet with younger man
Whether you have one minute, one hour, or more time over the course of a week, you can help a Veteran feel less alone.  For someone going through a difficult time, reaching out can help them feel included and supported. Small actions of support, like calling up an old friend or bringing over dinner, are thoughtful ways to show you care. Learn more about what you can do, today.

Pay Your VA Bill Online: Fast, Easy, Secure

Veterans can now pay the balance of their VA bills from the comfort of their own home. No more writing checks or driving to the local VA to make a payment. is a secure, free, fast and the easiest way to pay your VA health care and prescription co-payments online that more than 100,000 Veterans are already using. Learn more

Keep Your Contact Info Up-To-Date on My HealtheVet

Is your information in My HealtheVet up-to-date? My HealtheVet can be your personal health record keeper, but it also keeps your personal information, such as your email address, street address, and essential contact information on record. This information isn't shared outside of My HealtheVet, but it is very important to keep it updated. If you change your name, address, number or email, you must contact your VAMC with any such updates. Learn more.

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