Saturday, February 11, 2017

Please distribute - says it all

As regular subscribers know, I don't send out email alerts every day. We're all on information overload. Much of what comes into my email box is junk, poorly researched, disinformation, fake 'news', duplicates or big splashy headlines without any sources to back up what's in the text.

So, when I send something out, please consider it important to pass along to you.

Kelleigh Nelson's new column today puts it all together so I hope you'll get it out to your mailing lists and social media.

Judicial Tyranny: Black Robed Tyrants Usurp Executive Law,

Also, I need some help with research on a work in progress. If you're retired or have extra time, please send me email and I'll get back to you. Thanks so much.

Don't forget to tune into my radio show tonight. I'm going to talk about social security and the nonsense every election about reform. There are two prime areas of reform never talked about that affect tens of millions on SS. Americans need the truth about that taxing scheme - it is not an 'entitlement' - so they can better plan for down the road.

Despite all the hoopla about the stock market hitting 20,000, Lord, if people only knew what's really underway and it's not good. But, that's for another show, perhaps next week, but it will take a couple of nights to cover.

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