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February 12, 2017 
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Does the White House stand by Michael Flynn? 'That's a question for the president'
President Donald Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn faced strong criticism on Sunday for allegedly discussing U.S. sanctions against Russia with that country's ambassador to the United States, with even a top White House official declining to say whether the president stands by the former general.

DARPA sued as competition to build space robots heats up
Orbital ATK, a Dulles-based aerospace manufacturer, is suing the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency over plans to award a Canadian firm a $15 million contract to build a fleet of space-faring robots capable of repairing government and commercial satellites.

Pentagon launches effort to solve a baffling WWII mystery
The Pentagon is launching efforts to solve a baffling World War II mystery: whether dozens of U.S. sailors listed as missing from a ship disaster were actually recovered and buried all along as unknowns in a New York cemetery.

Fireballs and booby traps: On the front lines with the oil workers battling Islamic State
Fifty miles north in Mosul, beleaguered Islamic State fighters have lost control of half of their last major stronghold as Iraqi security forces advance. But at least five of the 25 oil well fires left in the militants' wake still rage, according to Reuters, forming a second front in the battle for Iraq that is no less dangerous for the proud men involved.

Green Beret awarded Silver Star for deadly Afghanistan mission
Trudging through mud up to their waists, members of the Army 10th Special Forces Airborne Group were determined to complete their mission in Afghanistan: Target known enemy safe havens and disrupt refit operations of several high-level Taliban leaders.

Netanyahu may seek to reset US-Israel relations in meeting with Trump
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washingtonon Tuesday hoping to find in President Trump a kindred spirit and compliant ally after eight years of personal friction with President Obama. The reality may be more complicated.

Easing transition to Air Force life
When a young airman is assigned to his or her first base after graduating from basic training and technical school, it can be a somewhat daunting experience.


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