Sunday, February 5, 2017

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Stars and Stripes
February 5, 2017 
White House predicts courts will reinstate travel ban
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco instead asked both the state of Washington and the Trump administration early Sunday to file more arguments by Monday afternoon.

Iran holds military exercises in response to US sanctions
Iran on Saturday began massive military exercises in a defiant response to a week of warnings from the Trump administration, including new sanctions, with a senior Iranian military commander calling the actions "futile" and threatening to "rain" missiles down on the country's enemies.

What happened the night a US commando was killed in combat
It was past midnight on a moonless night in central Yemen, and Ahmad Jawfi was preparing to go to sleep when he heard the dull buzz of drones overhead. Soon, a military operation unfolded that left 14 al-Qaida fighters dead and took the lives of at least 11 women and children and one U.S. commando.

Mattis’ message to Japan, South Korea: We still have your back
If the Pentagon named bilateral talks the way it did military operations, Jim Mattis’ first trip abroad as defense secretary might have been deemed Operation Allied Reassurance.

Education benefits, desire to serve still attract Iowans to National Guard
Patriotic fervor may have ebbed, but Iowa Army National Guard Maj. Gen. Timothy Orr says young Iowans still join the Guard out of a desire to serve their state and nation — as well as the age-old “see the world” motivation that inspired previous generations.

At liberal Columbia U, Gorsuch raised a conservative voice
As a conservative student at Columbia University in the mid-1980s, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was a political odd man out, and he was determined to speak up.

A quest to document WWII combat veterans' stories before their voices disappear 
A 19-year-old Californian has been interviewing at least one World War II combat veteran a day for more than a year, recording their stories and learning all he can from that quickly disappearing “Greatest Generation.”

Asked about Putin, Trump says US isn't 'so innocent' 
The president's interview with Bill O'Reilly set to air Sundayafternoon on the Super Bowl pregame show.

Serb wall in Kosovo city pulled down with no incidents 
The move followed an agreement between the government and the country's ethnic Serb minority, facilitated by the European Union and the United States embassy.

On call with Trump, Italy's leader discusses NATO, migrants 
Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni's office says Sunday that the callSaturday evening focused on "bilateral relations between Italy and the USA, united by a historic friendship and collaboration."


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