Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Stars and Stripes
February 8, 2017 
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Only about 25 percent of Marine Corps Hornets are ready to fly
Only 72 “could take off today, this morning, right now,” said the top aviation Marine. Of the rest, 109 are in longer-term, scheduled depot work and 99 are temporarily offline for less complex maintenance, or because they are awaiting a spare part.

Military: Maintenance workers getting waivers to Trump hiring freeze
The military is keeping work going at its depots and shipyards by giving needed maintenance employees waivers to President Donald Trump’s federal hiring freeze, the services’ four vice chiefs said Wednesday.

Army looking at direct commissions for civilian cybersecurity experts
Civilians with expertise in cybersecurity could be directly commissioned into the Army with a rank up to colonel to help the service improve its expanding cyber domain operations under a Pentagon pilot program authorized in recent weeks.

GAO: Technology is a 'high risk' area for VA
A House committee pledged Tuesday to closely oversee changes in technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs, after the agency has spent billions of dollars in recent years patching a decades-old system.

New clinic at Landstuhl speeds up access for servicemembers, expands care to civilians
A new clinic at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is making it easier for active-duty members and their families to get medical appointments, while also significantly expanding the pool of patients eligible for care at the hospital, officials say.

Veterans return to Standing Rock, 'not backing off' pipeline protests
For veterans who had converged on Standing Rock in December, the decision to continue construction of the oil pipeline instigated another call to action for what protest leaders are calling a “last stand.”


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