Saturday, February 11, 2017

Most Army Brigades, Navy Planes Aren't Combat Ready......................MORE

10 February 2017
Most Army Brigades, Navy Planes Aren't Combat Ready: LeadersThe House Armed Services Committee lined up top officers Tuesday to plead for scrapping the budget caps of the sequester process.Read More
Latest Military News
Commissary Price Change Pilot Coming March 1: Officials
Service Leaders Divided on Closing Bases to Cut Costs
Afghan War Stalemated After 15 Years: Top US Commander
Soldier Welcomes Afghan Translator to US with Bear Hug
Teen Mom, Overseas Navy Family Face Hurdles in Bid to Remain Together
Military Aide Demoted for Misconduct at Overseas Clubs
US Forces Bank on New Weapon to Protect Civilians in Next Mosul Battle
VA Loan Limits for High-Cost Counties: Updated for 2017
12 Things You Are Doing to Hurt Your Job Search
Trump Criticizes McCain in Tweets Defending Yemen Raid
Sound Off: SEALs Fly the Trump Flag
Lawmaker Petitions Mattis to Approve Medal of Honor for Fallen Marine
Many Veterans OK with Possible Pardon of Sailor
Trump Asked to Pardon Officer Convicted of Afghan Murders
Veterans Return to Standing Rock, 'Not Backing Off' Pipeline Protests
US, Chinese Aircraft in 'Unsafe' Encounter Over South China Sea
Raqqa, Mosul to Fall Within Six Months: Top US Commander
Air Force Wants, But Can’t Afford, New B-52 Engines
First Navy SEAL to Become Admiral Dies at 93
New Mexico May Allow Medical Marijuana for All Veterans
Army Builds Cyber Combat Teams, Studies Recruitment Pilot
Corps Wants 12K More Marines to Boost Cyber, Info Ops, ISR
Trump's Nominee for Army Secretary Withdraws His Name
Navy Rolls Out Four New Job Ratings for Surface Ships, Subs
Pentagon Looking to Rent Space at Trump Tower
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