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February 10, 2017 
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Trump called Bergdahl a 'dirty, rotten traitor,' now a judge has to decide if it matters
Attorneys for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will spar with Army prosecutorsMonday over disparaging comments about the accused deserter made by President Donald Trump on the campaign trail and whether they will have an impact on the soldier’s ability to receive a fair trial.

Lawmakers attempt action on 24 VA facilities in limbo
The VA must receive congressional approval to lease medical facilities with annual rent payments totaling more than $1 million, according to federal law. Combined, the 24 facilities – most of them outpatient clinics -- would cost about $228 million during the leases, which in some cases can last 20 years.

College classes will continue for downrange troops through new UMUC contract
The Defense Department has awarded the University of Maryland University College a $16.2 million contract to continue delivering educational services to U.S. troops serving in the Middle East and Africa, the school said.

Trump thanks Japan for hosting US military bases
President Donald Trump thanked Japan’s prime minister Friday for hosting U.S. military bases and described the U.S.-Japanese alliance as critical in the Pacific at a time of growing concern over North Korea’s nuclear threat.

CIA files reveal how US used psychics to spy on Iran
The dozens of American diplomats taken hostage by revolutionary students who seized the U.S. embassy in Iran in 1979 may have had some secret company during their 15-month captivity: U.S. intelligence agencies had a squad of military-trained psychics using ESP to watch them, according to declassified documents in a newly available CIA database.

How Bannon's Navy service during the Iran hostage crisis helped shape his views
It was just after midnight on March 21, 1980, when a Navy destroyer navigated by Stephen Bannon, a junior officer, met with the supercarrier USS Nimitz in the Gulf of Oman. The convoy headed near the Iranian coast, where a secret mission would be launched a month later to rescue 52 U.S. Embassy hostages held in Tehran.

Texas-based Lancers arrive on Guam to take over PACOM’s bomber mission
A Texas-based squadron of B-1B Lancers has arrived on Guam to assume U.S. Pacific Command’s continuous bomber presence mission at Andersen Air Force Base.

Navy veteran who completed 744 marathons dies at age 96 
Don McNelly was 86 when he completed his 700th marathon, eventually reaching his goal with marathon No. 744, the same number of his Navy destroyer in the Pacific during World War II. He started running marathons after a friend died of a heart attack.

Army denies all claims for damage caused by runaway blimp 
The U.S. Army is denying 35 claims for more than $1.5 million in damage caused when a blimp broke loose in Maryland and came to rest in the Pennsylvania countryside in 2015.


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